FAQ Violence conjugale

Frequently Asked Questions


We try to ensure that your daily activities remain the same, as much as possible, for you as well as for the children.


Filing a complaint will never be an obligation to obtain one of our services. We are here to support you, whatever your decision on this matter. We will respect your pace and your choices.

Moreover, certain forms of violence, although they are just as unacceptable and have serious consequences, are unfortunately not admissible for filing a complaint.  


Violence is not only physical. It can also be psychological, economic, sexual and verbal.

No way. We adapt our help according to your needs. 

We offer short term accommodation. The needs are different according to each situation, which may imply that the steps and accommodation time vary from one woman to another.

Example: Sometimes it's quick and easy to find an apartment and sometimes it's just the opposite.

Remember to bring with you enough clothes, a hygiene kit and, as much as possible, your important papers. Refer to the takeaway list to help you.

In the shelter, know that we have the necessary if your arrival is urgent and you do not have time to prepare a bag.

We provide food completely free of charge and lend you a set of bedding and towels.

The first step is to call us. All service requests go through our telephone service. 

Il est possible de nous joindre en passant par SOS violence conjugale et en demandant à être transférée à la maison Hina : 1 800 363-9010

Ou en nous appelant directement au 450 346-1645.

To apply for accommodation, we first check if we have enough space for you and your children, if any. 

If we have space, we take the time to assess your situation and explain in detail what to expect from accommodation at maison Hina. 

Si nous n’avons pas de place, nous vous dirigerons vers SOS violence conjugale pour trouver une maison d’hébergement avec de la place.


Telephone listening and external meetings are also available for children.


We encourage this! There is every interest in continuing the follow-up started during the accommodation through our external meetings.

Il est aussi possible de poursuivre le processus après avoir été hébergées. Nous offrons un suivi individuel d’une dizaine de rencontres à travers lesquelles vous travaillez les conséquences de la violence et la reprise de pouvoir sur votre vie.