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Preparing for departure

Deciding to leave your spouse is a difficult choice to make. If you feel that your safety and that of your children is threatened, trust yourself. The priority is your well-being and that of your children, both physically and psychologically.

Since the departure is often hasty in the context of domestic violence, we suggest that you think about a protection scenario and prepare certain effects in order to be ready when the time comes. We are here to help you, you can phone maison Hina to discuss it.

In case of emergency :

Dial 911

Shout as loud as possible to alert neighbors

Protection scenario

Be Ready

Prepare effects (for you and your children) for a departure (see the list below) and put them in a safe place (in your car, with someone you know, in a hidden place at home).

Have a Haven

Make an agreement with someone you know (neighbour, friend, family) who could temporarily house you or where you can call and wait for a taxi in an emergency. Contact SOS violence conjugale to see if it is possible to book a
place in a shelter.


If there are firearms: Are they locked? Is it possible to hide the ammo? Call the police to have them seized.

Have a Signal

Agree with a neighbor and the children on a signal in case of danger.


Carry some cash with you.

Access to the Car

Keep the car keys with you or in an accessible place.

Emergency Exits

Think about the layout of the rooms in the house to avoid being stuck.


Memorize the number of maison Hina (450 346-1635) or SOS violence conjugale (1 800 363-9010). You can use another name when you save these numbers for yourself
ensure that your spouse does not know that you come into contact with resources
for women victims of domestic violence.

Plan B-C-D

Think of any other possibilities that could help you in an emergency.


Discuss this scenario with a worker from maison Hina by calling us at  450 346-1645.

Preparer_depart_violence conjugale

Take-out list

At the shelter, we have everything you need to help you if you don't have time to bring the necessary items. We will find solutions together. It will also be possible to collect other personal belongings after your departure. 

In a suitcase or bag you can place as many items as possible, without compromising your safety.

Personal belongings

  • Car and residence keys
  • Toys
  • Clothes
  • Hygiene items
  • Anything else you consider essential in the event of a hasty departure

Important Documents

  • Birth certificate(s)
  • Marriage or common-law union contract or certificate
  • Divorce decree
  • Child custody order
  • Health book
  • Health insurance cards, hospitals
  • Social insurance card
  • Driving license and registration certificate
  • Auto, life, home insurance policies
  • Passports, visas
  • Will
  • Checkbook, money, debit and credit cards
  • Receipts of paid goods
  • Home lease