Hina House

CONTACT US 24/7: 450 346-1645

Services offered by maison Hina

La maison Hina accompanies women victims of domestic violence free of charge by offering warm, confidential and safe services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you fear for your safety and that of your children, trust your intuition.

Our services


Telephone support

It is possible to join the telephone intervention line of the Hina house at any time of day or night by dialing 450 346-1645. The workers have a caring ear and will provide support, referrals and information in the context of domestic violence.

If you need help, if you have questions about your situation or that of someone close to you, call us. For any emergency, dial 911.

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Safe housing

The shelter is a safe place for short term stay for you and your children. It is a living environment where each family has its own bedroom and where the other rooms, such as the kitchen, are shared.

Throughout the stay, the speakers are present to accompany you in your multiple steps. In addition, the women housed take part in an individual follow-up to obtain psychosocial support.

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External meetings

The external service is intended for women who have experienced or are living with domestic violence, as well as their children, whether they have been housed or not. In fact, many women who experience violence need to vent about their situation, sort themselves out, question themselves with a worker, without necessarily needing accommodation.

It is also possible to continue the process after being hosted. We therefore offer an individual follow-up of about ten sessions during which you work on the consequences of violence and taking back control over your life. Like our other services, these sessions are free and confidential.


Leaving a violent spouse involves many steps and the workers at Maison Hina are there to support you in this process.

In addition to support during accommodations, it is also possible to meet with an external worker to obtain support in the process as well as information and referrals, whether from a legal standpoint (civil and criminal) or with regards to the general rights and services offered to women.

Types of support: IVAC, police, DYP, lawyer, court.

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Youth intervention

Children also live with the consequences of domestic violence. It is for this
reason that a youth worker is present in the house to support the woman in her role as mother as well as to accompany the children in this difficult period.

The Hina house offers services adapted to the needs of mothers and children, during accommodation or external follow-up.


Prevention and awareness

Workers from Maison Hina travel to schools and various organizations to lead workshops to raise awareness of violence. These are adapted to the needs of different environments and focus on interaction with the participants. 

We address topics such as bullying, control in romantic relationships and sex education.

Group workshops

Group workshops allow women who have experienced or are living with domestic violence to share with each other and create bonds of solidarity. These monthly meetings are offered to those who wish to undertake or pursue a process of regaining power over their lives.


If you fear for your safety and that of your children, trust your instincts.